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NOTE: Development of Powderkeg Pals is currently on hold! I expect to return in fall 2018 :)

You and your crew are cursed to transform into skeletons in the sunlight. Use your curse and some handy explosives to clear your path and projectile yourself through a series of puzzles!

Go head to head with shared screen local multiplayer. Drop powder kegs to knock your opponents (and allies!) out of the arena. Last player standing wins!


I really enjoy playing local multiplayer games with friends and family and it's one of the ways we bond and generate shared experiences. I want to create something that we could have fun playing and create shared memories.


Players control a character from a shared top down camera. There are only two controls mechanisms - players  can move and drop powder kegs. Kegs explode after a few seconds pushing everything in the area away, including players and other powder kegs.

In the single-player adventure mode players are cursed by a creepy treasure chest. They transform into skeletons when they are exposed to direct sunlight. Players solve a series of puzzles by clearing debris and blasting themselves around the level. They will have to utilize the curse and transform between humans, who can drop kegs, and skeletons, who can survive the blasts.


The game is currently a UE4 Spring 2018 Jam submission. I had a lot of fun developing the project and a great time playtesting with friends and family. I definitely plan on expanding the multiplayer mode. Follow this page for  devlog updates or my twitter @FuriousFromage


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